I was be qrv from Croatia - Vir and Pag Island as 9A/SQ9S.

Holiday style activity with simple equipment:

IC706MKIIG and 2x10m wire dipole ant. for 40m band.

My activity is valid for IOTA, IOCA ( only Pag ), WLOTA:

15.07 - 22.07.2017 9A/SQ9S Vir Island JN74NH CI-141 EU-170 WLOTA-4050

22.07 - 29.07.2017 9A/SQ9S Pag Island JN74MK CI-082 EU-170

Andy SP9N tnx for movie !

For two weeks holiday I logged 170qso. Thanks for your patience for my wife and the rest of the family :).

Also on the island, I had the pleasure to meet Ham's from Slovakia Rado OM2ZZ on the left, and Brani OM2FY on the right. TeamĀ  worked as 9A/OM2ZZ in IOTA Contest 2017. Tnx for nice meeting.